The group’s most voted player in 2011, Ivan McFarlin was named the Symes Motors Bendigo Braves ball group’s MVP at Sunday night’s honors introduction.

McFarlin piled on 16.5 focuses and 15.9 bounce back per amusement in the Braves’ rush to winning the east gathering great last and being runner-up in the national title play-off against Nunawading Specters.

An astounding season for the athletic Texan included determination in the east All-Star Team.

The Braves’ best protective player of the year was Luke Meyer.

A splendid all-rounder in assault or protection, Meyer found the middle value of 18.4 focuses per diversion and 3.1 cautious bounce back.

The firearm from Missouri earned the alliance’s best guarded player grant and was chosen in the east gathering All-Star Five.

Conquers’ mentor Ben Harvey exhibited the mentors granted to youthful monitor Kevin Probert.

Probert arrived at the midpoint of 9.4 focuses per amusement and was the association’s under-23 player of the year.

Joint victors of the Most Valuable Player grant for the Champions IGA Lady Braves were forward Lauren King and protect Kelly Wilson.

Ruler managed the court ordinarily as she arrived at the midpoint of 14.3 focuses an amusement for the Lukas Carey-trained group.

Wilson arrived at the midpoint of 16.5 ppg crosswise over 21 matches.

The mentors grant was introduced to Andrea Wilson, whose protective force had a major impact in the group’s prosperity.

Most enhanced player was Nicole Goodridge.

The Braves exhibited grants for their Development groups.

MVP for the C.R. Martin Real Estate Young Braves was Adam Wicks who arrived at the midpoint of 7.8 focuses and three aids 20 matches.

Best clubman was David Hogan.

The mentors grant was introduced to Brad Chalmers.

A highlight for the Young Braves was the play of watch Matt Bartlett as he found the middle value of 18.1 indicates crosswise over nine matches win the D-League scoring grant.

The MVP grant for The Zone-supported Young Lady Braves was Zara Pearson, who found the middle value of 10.5 ppg in 19 matches.

Most enhanced player was Madi Higgins.

Chloe Mace was given the mentors grant.